Who's this?

Casey Hupke is a Director, Designer, Creative Person.. who has been working in the live visual, and commercial field, for over a decade. He has contributed work to major tours for U2, Lady Gaga, Niki Minaj, and Deadmau5. He's collaborated with studios to help define a generative art style for brands such as, IBM, ATT, Exxon, BlackBerry, Cylance and Buick. A background in Computer Science has helped him to approach visual creativity with the mind set that every problem has a solution. From challenging concepts to handling raw data, he is at home manipulating the medium to achieve award wining results.

Please email xcaseyx@me.com for scheduling, and availability.

you can also follow him on twitter and instagram @darthcasey

Sometimes he presents at trade shows…

2012 Maxon NAB - Buick, and my first NAB

2012 Maxon Siggraph - VFX in C4D

2013 Maxon Siggraph - Krakatoa and x-particles 2

2014 Maxon Siggraph Part 1 and Part 2 - I try and create an iconic FFVII cinematic, live..

2014 Maxon NAB - Creating complex x-particles animations

2015 Maxon Siggraph - xparticles and TFD

2016 Maxon Siggraph - R18 improvements

2016 Maxon NAB - VR Film making and Octane C4D Part 1 and Part 2

2017 Maxon Siggraph - Advanced Fracturing

Sometimes he appears on podcasts…

The Collective Episode 120

School of Motion episode 28