ProtectWise - Immersive Security

For over a year I worked with Jake Sargeant to create a 3D representation of the 2D UI he created for ProtectWise. The immersive security project was a wonderful VR and AR design experiment that that went through many iterations. We delivered 3-4 versions of the project along the way, but just before the final push I had to step away. So I reached out to the always amazing Brett Morris to take over and see the project through to the end. He took what Jake and I started and rebuilt it again for to complete a final product with Jake and ProtectWise.

Design Direction - Jake Sargent

3D Asset Design/VR Design - Casey Hupke

Immersive Security Final - Ranger & Fox

Below is the version that was shown at RSA and Blackhat 2016.

This is the final that was delivered by Ranger & Fox